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Acai Bowls

How many times have you found a familiar menu item at a restaurant or cafe and just kept going back for that one dish?

It's that friend amongst strangers.

Reliable and comfortable.

There's certainly value in that. But yet, there are some reallll winners with some different sounding names just waiting for your patronage.

Maybe that Basic Acai Bowl has been your go-to fresh and delicious lunch.

Maybe you're more of an UHMAZE Bowl fanatic.

Go you!

Those are awesome acai bowl choices.

However, you may find a whole new world of exciting acai bowl experiences with the addition of our quality ingredients like cacao nibs, hemp milk, bee pollen, goji berries, hemp hearts, agave, hazelnut spread, or gluten-free granola!

Each tantalizing ingredient can change the flavor profile of your favorite acai bowl in surprisingly amazing ways.

Ok, now check out some acai bowl goodness!

Oooee! Those are packed full of flavor and nutrition.

So come see us at UhmazeBowls in Fort Myers or Cape Coral!

We can't wait to serve you your go-to acai bowl or a new creation.

So many flavorful experiences await!

💚 Team UhmazeBowls

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