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Jean Le Boeuf's Review

Many a restaurant in SW FL have patiently awaited the fateful day when the crowd-moving words of famed restaurant critic Jean Le Boeuf would be published about their own restaurant.

On January 8th, 2019, the UhmazeBowls team got their wish.

"The vibe here is outstanding. It's young, independent and energetic, with great coffee on tap and a menu filled with healthful options — acai bowls, avocado toast, poke — that are as trendy as they are delicious."

– Jean Le Boeuf, the influential food critic for The News-Press

You may ask: "What makes this JLB so good or qualified?"

Part of what makes JLB garner increasing and enduring respect is her honesty and integrity. (Two qualities we hold dear at UhmazeBowls.)

People are so inundated with advertisements and financially motivated articles that claim the quality of a company or its offering is superior, that a newspaper-funded journalist with a secret identity and no financial loyalties is the antidote.

Jean Le Boeuf is proving with each tantalizing tweet and article that she has a perspective worth your consideration.

She doesn't merely applaud a restaurant. She gives the hard truth, whether it is good, bad, or both.

Consequentially, when curious foodies in Cape Coral or Fort Myers find the aforementioned JLB article, they can know UhmazeBowls is sincerely worth a visit (or many:). We've earned our stripes (and still are), and our top-rated reviews on Google back that up.

So, Jean Le Boeuf, thank you for your journalistic integrity in publishing all of the truth and offering our lovely community a reliable, trustworthy source for restaurant reviews. We welcome you back any time!

Stay Healthy and Happy!


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