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Restaurants in Fort Myers

Looking for "restaurants in Fort Myers"? Ever tried UHMAZEBOWLS Fort Myers?

There are many restaurants in Top 10 or "best restaurants" lists online. Some of them are deserving. Some are not. Outside of many of those polished lists are the places that tend to become the restaurant where "regulars" go because they're full of flavor, cleanliness, and dependable service.

At UHMAZEBOWLS, we're proud to serve many awesome "regulars" with our healthy (and delicious) menu.

They, and other delightful customers, have been nice to us!

In fact, we're one of the highest rated restaurants in all of Fort Myers (and Cape Coral).

We earn that rating from our attention to detail in food quality, service, reliability, location, and our good old-fashioned passion for handcrafted superfoods.

Fort Myers, Florida and it's surrounding neighborhoods have more than 120,000 residents.

Yet, the supply of healthy food that is really tasty is still surprisingly hard to find!

Come give UHMAZEBOWLS a try. :)

You might just become another regular who comes in for several lunches a week during your break from work, or the regular who comes multiple times a week for a quick, healthy, and super flavorful dinner for you and your spouse/family!

We can't wait to serve you! We're open 8AM to 7PM weekdays, and 9AM to 7PM on weekends.


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