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Smoothies Near Me

Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Smoothie King: chances are you've already been there and done that.

And had all their added smoothie sugars!

Yep. Added sugars are everywhere in the chain restaurants and smoothie cafés. (And that puts a serious damper on so-called health food diets and healthy smoothie sessions with friends. Not cool Big Restaurants. Not cool.)

Instead, when you're searching Google for a Smoothie Near Me, think of UhmazeBowls and you'll be happily surprised with our organic superfood smoothies.

Added sugars? Nope, don't need them.

Unripe fruits? Not a chance.

We take our superfood smoothie blends seriously.

Did you know you can level-up your smoothie game with superfood ingredients like Goji Berries?

Or almond butter, cacao nibs, coconut milk, locally-roasted nitro cold brew coffee, pitaya, bee pollen, chia seeds, hemp seeds, hemp milk, and more?

That's right smoothie fans, UhmazeBowls is bringing a whole new and improved Smoothie Game to town. :)

Let go of those familiar Big Restaurants like Tropical Smoothie Cafe and SmoothieKing.

Enjoy a smoothie that gives you more from your neighbors and friends at UhmazeBowls Fort Myers or UhmazeBowls Cape Coral. (And UhmazeBowls Naples is coming soon!)

We can't wait to serve you.

💚 Team UhmazeBowls

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