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The Curious History of Açaí Bowls

Have you ever wondered what the story behind those interesting Acai berries really is? How did they come to be a healthy phenomenon in the USA?

Get out your spoon and your favorite UhmazeBowl for this fun story. 😋

"The açaí bowl. Beloved by surfers everywhere, the purple-hued dish was invented by Brazilians, adopted by Hawaiians, and—after a dizzying rise and moderate fall—is now all the rage in San Francisco, too. This made me curious. Where did this bowl of superfuel come from, and how did it go from unknown fruit to 90s buzzword to quasi-mainstream (at least here on the West Coast) breakfast staple?
Turns out, the presence of that pureed berry—imagine a shinier, darker blueberry amped up on antioxidants—is due in part to a mix of martial arts, Amazonian migration, and the willpower of a pair of California surfers."

Hungry for Acai Bowls now? We hear you! Hop on over to our Acai Bowl menu page to learn more about our delicious offerings. We only use premium-grade ingredients. Ask our team in Cape Coral or Fort Myers about it! Our restaurants are located conveniently along Pine Island Road and Daniels Road, respectively. To find our locations, simple visit our Locations page!

We can't wait to serve you! Acai Bowls are such a blessing to serve because we know their health benefits are also beneficial to our valued customers!

💚 Team UhmazeBowls

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