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Tropical Smoothie

Guess what has 400% of your recommended daily sugar intake??

A donut? Nope. That's got 92%.

Ice cream? Not quite. That's got about 200% of the sugar we're supposed to have per day.

Dun, dun dun. That's right, a popular smoothie on the Tropical Smoothie Cafe menu is the massive sugar offender.

Coming in at a whopping 107 grams of sugar, that smoothie has more than half your week's sugar!

Let that sink in.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe's smoothies have lots of added sugar.

They may be the biggest smoothie company around, but do you really want to trust Tropical Smoothie Cafe with your health and nutrition – let alone your children's??

We haven't. That's one reason why UhmazeBowls has health-conscious and delicious smoothies made with superfoods!

These handcrafted smoothies are perfect for these hot summer days in Cape Coral and Fort Myers.

They're made from scratch, fresh for your order.

Those tantalizing ingredients are ready to dance on your tastebuds.

Instead of Tropical Smoothie, next time, think of UhmazeBowls for your awesome smoothies with way less sugar and tons of taste!

💚 Team UhmazeBowls

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