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Want Healthy Food? Think Acai!

Ohhh, the glorious acai bowl.

Some know it for it's picturesque purple hue that's perfect for vibrant fruit and other toppings in your Instagram picture.

And others know it for its phenomenal capabilities to improve one's health and well-being.

Rich in health benefits, the revered acai berry can help you lose weight, lower your bad cholesterol, improve heart health, help you not get cancer, and so much more.

And there is so, so much more to this magical berry.

For example, it's actually not even a berry. Yep, that's right. We just blew your mind.

It's a drupe!

We were pretty uhmazed too. Ha. Catch that? ;)

But the health benefits for the powerful little acai drupe just keep stacking up.

They're even being tested for COVID-19 fighting qualities right now in Canada. The results are scheduled for the end of this year. But wow, wouldn't that be something if that little berry in our bowls is one of the answers to the pandemic? Pretty stellar I do say.

In any event, our acai bowls are in great demand for good reason. Come pop in and get some for your crew. They might just thank you for curing their 'rona. Maybe. Or maybe, they'll just love the fantastic taste and nutrition.

Whether you're along Daniel's Parkway in Fort Myers or Pine Island Road in Cape Coral, we've got you covered!

Have a great day!


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